Ce Approved Sc200 200td Construction Hoist Building Hoist

Ce Approved Sc200 200td Construction Hoist   Building Hoist

Ce Accepted Sc200/200td CZPT CZPT / Building CZPT


ZheJiang Xingdou is a vertical accessibility resolution supplier and pinion and rack driving variety cabin/platform hoist producer.. 
Remedies Company, Technologies Provider, Manufacturer !

The software of all the rack and pinion variety hoist/carry/elevator/platforms commonly employed as below:

Frequently use (from 500kg – 2000kg loading capacity, Max: 400m): 
one. Lifting personnel or materials at building site of substantial-increase properties
2. Lifting instruments for Bridge constructions
three. Lifting equipment for High-increase metal framework developing
four. Chimney or Tower building
5. Equivalent creating design perform .. ..

Specific developing use OEM small or special shape variety(500kg -2000kg loading potential):

1. Sloping building facade set up.
two. Within elevator shaft / pit set up of some unique hotel
three. Inside of of interaction / Sign Tower
4. Inside of Chimney
five. Wind turbine
six. Inside of mine
seven. Inside/outdoors Tower crane mast sections for operators or servicing person 
8. Warehouse
nine. For Large crane or building at seaport for upkeep or restore use
ten. As observation elevator at Enjoyment or sightseeing location
eleven. Comparable software… …

Hefty duty sort from 2700kg to 3200kg for special venture: cabin/cage dimension can be modest or large as your needs.

Productive tasks:
Our SC200/200 Rack-and-pinion A few-push CZPT-cage CZPT hoist elevator have despatched to far more than thirty nations and get properly feedbacks from them!

Item description

Common PLC Handle CZPT constructing elevator  :

Specification Variety Lifting Ability Lifting Speed Motor Power Protection Gadget

Solitary cage CZPT counter excess weight

SC100 1000Kg


two*11Kw SAJ thirty-1.2
SC150 1500Kg 2×13Kw SAJ forty-one.two
SC200 2000Kg 3×11Kw SAJ forty-one.2

Twin cages CZPT counter bodyweight

SC100/100 1000Kg×2EA 2×11Kw×2EA SAJ thirty-1.2
SC150/a hundred and fifty 1500Kg×2EA 2×13Kw×2EA SAJ 40-one.two
SC200/200 2000Kg×2EA 3×11Kw×2EA SAJ forty-one.2

Lower velocity building developing elevator:

Specification Type  Lifting Capability Lifting Velocity Motor Energy VFD Security System

One cage CZPT counter excess weight

SC100L 1000Kg ~33m/min    0~40m/min 2×11Kw 30Kw SAJ 30-one.two
SC150L 1500Kg ~36m/min     0~46m/min 2×13Kw 2×15Kw 30Kw   37Kw SAJ 40-1.two
SC200L 2000Kg ~40m/min     0~46m/min 2×15Kw 3×11Kw 37Kw SAJ forty-1.2

Twin cages CZPT counter bodyweight

SC100/100L 1000Kg×2EA ~40m/min 2×11Kw×2EA 30Kw×2EA SAJ 30-1.2
SC150/150L 1500Kg×2EA ~36m/min ~46m/min 2×13Kw×2EA2×15Kw×2EA 30Kw×2EA37Kw×2EA SAJ 40-one.two
SC200/200L 2000Kg×2EA ~40m/min ~46m/min 2×15Kw×2EA2×11Kw×2EA 37Kw×2EA SAJ 40-one.2

Mediaum speed construction developing elevator:

Specification Variety Lifting Potential Lifiting Speed Motor Power VFD Safety device
One cage CZPT counter bodyweight SC 100 M 1000Kg ~60m/min 3×13Kw 45Kw SAJ 30-one.four
SC 150 M 1500Kg ~63m/min    0~60m/min 3×15Kw 2x19Kw(87Hz) 45Kw 55Kw SAJ forty-1.four
SC 200 M 2000Kg ~60m/min   0~63m/min   0~70m/min      0~75m/min 2×23Kw(87Hz) 3×15Kw   3×19Kw(87Hz) 3×23Kw(87Hz) 55Kw 55Kw 75Kw 75Kw SAJ forty-one.4   SAJ50-1.6 SAJ50-one.six SAJ50-one.6
Twin cages CZPT counter bodyweight SC 100/a hundred M 1000Kg×2EA ~60m/min 3×13Kw×2EA 45Kw SAJ thirty-one.4
SC a hundred and fifty/150 M 1500Kg×2EA ~63m/min   0~60m/min 3×15Kw×2EA 2x19Kwx2EA 45Kw 55Kw SAJ 40-1.four
SC 200/two hundred M 2000Kg×2EA ~60m/min    0~63m/min  0~70m/min  0~75m/min 2×23Kw×2EA(87Hz)3×15Kw×2EA 3×19Kw×2EA(87Hz)3×23Kw×2EA(87Hz) 55Kw 55Kw 75Kw 75Kw SAJ forty-one.4 SAJ50-1.six SAJ50-1.six SAJ50-two.

Hight pace development building elevator:

Specification Sort Lifting Potential Lifiting Pace Motor Energy VFD Basic safety unit
One cage CZPT counter fat SC 200 H 2000Kg ~80m/min  0~96m/min 3×26(87Hz)     3×18.5(87Hz)  90Kw  110Kw SAJ fifty-2.
Twin cage CZPT counter bodyweight SC 200/200 H 2000Kg×2EA ~80m/min ~96m/min 2×3×26(87Hz) 2×3×18.five(87Hz) 90Kw×2EA 110Kw×2EA SAJ fifty-two.


Cage& Cabin.

The cage can be manufactured in accordance to consumers need. tiny or huge sort all okay for us. 


Mast section.

various type of mast segment we can offer, like 650*650*1508mm, 650*two hundred*1508mm, 650*1508 flat kind, 650*900*1508mm, 450*450*1508mm, 800*800*1508mm kind and so on.


Cage steel frame.

 All metal frames are welding mounted inside of Jig to keep every product in accordance to technique requirement 

Enclosure: various type can be chosen like wire mesh resources, metal punched sort, ex-steel plate sort…
Driving machinery is very important , it will affect the efficiently and regular managing, we shell out a lot a lot more consideration to every single information.
All electrical portion are chosen by us, and schneider model is our standard kind for consumer…, examination and inspection inside manufacturing facility need to be taken before loading.

Finished security actions for SC200/200 Rack-and-pinion 3-drive CZPT-cage CZPT hoist elevator

one. Equipping with Anti-falling basic safety gadget governor 
2. CZPTal an Mechanical interlock: CZPT security switches, Slack rope swap
three. Basic safety hook
4. Higher and bottom limit switches, trap doorway restrict change
five. Overload protector
six. Bottom Buffer
seven. Degree Contacting program and car leveling gadget to be select.
eight. Ramp doorway for (Ex.doorway of cage).
Unique Application


Connected merchandise

We manufacture all sorts of rack and pinion hoist, mast climbing operating platform, gondolas, and we are a special OEM tower crane provider with large good quality merchandise and lower expense.


Our Clientele

We hold good partnership with all of our clients

CZPTy 12 months, some customers from oversea would like to spend a visit for prospective constructing hoist order negotiation, partnership even more development, new layout&technological innovation interaction, trainning staffs, company inspection, factory loading inspection and so on. They satisfy our firm growth speedly, and they make sure they discover a good partner to offer a reliable design creating hoist with attractive price!
Sizzling galvanized mast section sc300/300 constructing content elevator


Various certificates of constructing hoist are avaliable

We can provide certificates to assist buyers do importation the design building hoist effortlessly and help save value for them.  We have rich encounters in the exporation and importation procedures, and do our ideal to fulfill buyers special needs!
Very hot galvanized mast segment sc300/300 developing materials elevator


Welcome to inquire and spend a visit to us, we are production experts of construction constructing hoist!

one. Right after get your inquiry , will act in 12 hrs
two. Following confirming your actual prerequisite, we will give remedy within 24 hours
3. Our salesman a all skilled and specialists
4. We have sturdy sales help experts group
5. We have sturdy manufacturing and high quality handle group
6. We have sturdy aftersale services team

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Ce Approved Sc200 200td Construction Hoist   Building Hoist