Chain Plate Heating and Quenching Induction Heating Machine

Chain Plate Heating and Quenching Induction Heating Machine

DSP Electronic Large-Frequency Steel Induction Heating Mill Roller Warmth Remedy Machine 

DSP Electronic Series  Induction Heating Machine 

CZPT Datum:

Design XGC-one hundred XGC-120 XGC-a hundred and sixty XGC-200 XGC-250 XGC-three hundred XGC-400 XGC-five hundred XGC-600 XGC-800 XGC-a thousand
Enter Voltage A few Phases  380V±10%  50KHz
Rated Input Power 100KVA 120KVA 160KVA 200KVA 250KVA 300KVA 400KVA 500KVA 600KVA 800KVA 1000KVA
Max. Input Present(Three phases) 150A 180A 240A 300A 380A 450A 600A 750A 900A 1200A 1500A
Oscillating frequency 10-30Khz ten-30Khz ten-30Khz ten-30Khz ten-30Khz ten-30Khz ten-30Khz 10-30Khz 10-30Khz 10-30Khz 10-30Khz
Frequency control Precision ±1.5KHz
Operating water Strain .2-.30MPa
Memo Device has main body and transformer 

Positive aspects:

  •  More reputable: the cupboard is effectively sealed, no failure all 12 months, IGBT in no way burst.
  •  More CZPT: Inverter electrical power element can achieve ninety six%.
  •  More CZPT: Control precision can get to .one%, all load can be routinely matching.

Working Setting:

  • The electrical power supply voltage huge fluctuation.
  • Solution assortment
  • Higher top quality requirement
  • Items require large regularity

Induction Heating Machine Display:

CNC Hardening Machine Instrument

one.CNC Hardening Machine Tool CZPT Parameters:

  • Ø  Vertical kind universal equipment resource: Φ10-Φ200,500-3000mm
  • Ø  Horizontal variety common device device: Φ50-Φ200,five hundred-10000mm
  • Ø  Disk kind universal machine resource: Φ50-Φ1000mm
    Particular-goal machine instrument: can design and make as the customers’ prerequisite.

two.CNC Hardening Device resource Features:
Ø  Running with higher precision
Ø  Control perform is best, can use one shaft, numerous shaft management technique.
Ø  Can use together with the energy provide electricity, meet the identical component different energy need.
Ø  One-touch operation.

three.Vertical sort machine tool, horizontal variety machine device, disk kind equipment instrument photographs:


Induction Heating Coil

CZPT parameters:

    produced by the customers’ detailed specialized need.


Ø  Magnetic discipline distribution and design are specific, high successful and vitality-conserving.

Ø  Use with the magnetizer, easy to modify the magnetic area depth.

Ø  Effortless disassembly, exchangeability.

Ø  Fastness and longevity.

Induction coil applications:

   Crankshaft induction coil, end-experience induction coil, hub bearing induction coil, caterpillar keep track of area hardening induction coil, inner hold induction coil, equipment induction coil, shaft neck hardening induction coil, 3m internal maintain hardening induction coil, crankshaft with fillet induction coil.

Induction coil images:


Shut-loop h2o cooling tower

CZPT Parameters

Product Cooling ability
Circulation h2o movement price(m³/h) Fan shipping (m³/h) Pipe diameter(mm) Energy(KW) Rated Voltage(V) Circulation drinking water tank Volume(m³) Dimension
primary inlet& outlet circulation h2o pipe diameter Spray water filling water inlet pipe diameter Spray water outlet pipe diameter Enthusiast electrical power Spraying pump energy
major circulation pump electrical power
FNB-5A 48160 twelve.five 6400 DN50 DN20 DN25 .seventy five  0.seventy five three 380 .5 1.three*1*2.fifteen
FNB-10A 75250 12.5 6400 DN65 DN20 DN25 .seventy five  0.75 3 380 .5 one.six*one.2*2.35
FNB-15A 105000 twelve.five 9500 DN65 DN20 DN25 1.1 .75 3 380 .5 one.three*one.two*two.35
FNB-25A 150500 thirty 19000 DN80 DN25 DN25 one.1*two four 380 .five two.seventy five*1.two*two.fifty six
FNB-30A 180600 40 19000 DN80 DN25 DN32 1.1*two 1.1 5.5 380 .five 2.seventy five*one.3*two.56
FNB-35A 228000 40 38000 DN80 DN25 DN32 1.five*2 five.5 380 .five 2.seventy five*one.3*two.56
FNB-40A 357100 65 38000 DN100 DN25 DN32 one.5*two 1.5 7.five 380 .5 3.15*one.five*two.9
FNB-50A 352000 65 83000 DN125 DN25 DN32 two.2*two two.2 seven.5 380 .5 3.fifteen*one.7*3.34
FNB-65A 451500 ninety 83000 DN125 DN25 DN32 2.2*two two.2 11 380 1 3.45*two*3.fifty one
FNB-80A 657100 90 104000 DN150 DN40 DN50 3*two 2.two 11 380 one 4.05*two*three.51
FNB-100A 752500 one hundred twenty 104000 DN150 DN40 DN50 three*2 2.2 15 380 1 4.05*2.2*three.fifty one
FNB-125A 157100 150 132000 DN125*two DN40 DN50 4*2 four 18.five 380 1*two.2*3.73


Induction Heating Software feids

 Heat Therapy

Cellphone and moveable pc mould heating, induction coating and so on.

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Chain Plate Heating and Quenching Induction Heating Machine