China Supplier Double Layer Trash Plastic Bag Bottom Sealing Bag Making Machine by Heat Sealing and Cold Cutting in Ghana

China Supplier Double Layer Trash Plastic Bag Bottom Sealing Bag Making Machine by Heat Sealing and Cold Cutting in Ghana

HERO Machine—Given that 1985
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We Have tons of type plastic bag producing device,can do T-shirtbag,vest bag,handle bag,garbage bag,bread bag,h2o bag,patchbag,chicken bag,arc bag,dhl courier bag, Stationery bag,pouchbag,wicketer bag,calendar bag,zipper bag,vaccum bag,rigid handbag,roller bag,middle/3 side sealing bag,rice bag Etc.

Material of bag is HDPE,LDPE,PE,PP,OPP,BOPP,PVC and many others.

The following is some sample image:

Non woven bag device(T-shirt non woven bag equipment,woven bag producing device)


Overall performance: one, regional touch-display personal computer configured to operate 
two, arbitrarily established a long-step electrical observe, a smooth, missing assist from the regular parking 
3, feed off computerized shutdown, vehicle-punch 
4, whilst at the conclude of the roll-ultrasonic welding, in particular, strong, smooth 
five, computerized temperature and automatically correcting leaks 
6, whilst reducing edge computerized closure, automatic nesting.

Type WFB-A500 WFB-A700 WFB-A800
Generation Speed twenty-100pcs/min twenty-100pcs/min twenty-100pcs/min
Bag Width one hundred-800mm one hundred-800mm a hundred-800mm
Bag Size 200-420mm 200-620mm 200-720mm
Bag-creating Thickness 15-50g 15-50g fifteen-50g
Energy Offer 380V/220V 380V/220V 380V/220V
Total Power 5Kw 6Kw 8Kw
General Dimension (L*W*H) 9600*1500*1800mm 9600*1700*1800mm 9600*1800*1800mm

Functions: Nearby professional manufacturing of non-woven bag vest, pocket-ping.


Typical unwinding 
one. Unwinding undertake typical loading , max diameter of uncooked rolling materials is φ600mm
two. Adopt magnetic powder stress management. Guide alter the rigidity.
3. Unwinding shaft is heavy-chain plug axle 
four. Unwinding with EPC
Leading-folding constantly sealing gadget.
1. Leading-folding continually sealing, the width dimensions of bag not be restricted,
2. Within heating wire sealing, which suitfor entire colors of bag.
three. Undertake import warmth wire, continual warming, tough sealing
4. CZPT adhesive tape device for side sealing bag
5. The steady sealing system is suited to thickness of one particular layer movie ≤0.06m/layer
Top folding and spherical bottom gusset gadget: 
one.14mm large hardness steel plate prime folding and spherical bottom guset
two. Particular manual plate and roller ,which supply significantly less friction fold
three. With flat press roller
4. Much more slim round disc bottom gusset
five. U style mould bottom molding
Gentle loop take care of bag device 
one. CZPT layer unwinder
2. The complete variety steel plate foundation, and unique support bag structure.
3. Higher quality oval sealing knife from up and down
4. CZPT skew angle feeding comfortable loop 
five. 90 degree turnabout equipment rotary gentle loop
six. Particular oblique drag design rotary gentle loop
7. Micro-motor driver comfortable loop take care of go CZPT and back off
8. Centralize type air manage technique
Patch deal with bag system 
one. Pneumatic manage feeding
two. Turnabout cylinder control patch
3. With flying knife cutting rapidly
four. Specific pattern sealing mould 
five. Micro-motor driver patch go CZPT and back again off
six. Foundation mould of patch device adopt whole metal plate 
Warmth sealing handle punch
one. Large hardness gear steel sleek pillar
two. Air outdoors waster movie blower hopper
three. The total style rotary a hundred and eighty degree
four. Substantial hardness alloy aluminium puncher foundation plate
five. Very hot take care of puncher 20X90m
six. Stroke of puncher :25mm X 2
7. Temperature of puncher -three hundred diploma
Photocell of printing and preheating : 
one. Printing impression monitoring adopts photocell from Unwell FROM GERMANY
two. The photocell of priting jointly with large complex computer ,
3. The pre-sealing knife is created specifically of base four layers movie, high speed make bag 
4. CZPT sides heating, double cylinder pushed, sturdy for gusing, and robust for sealing .
Aspect sealing components: 
one. aspect sealing knife principal axis transmission belt cylinder lifting and down.
two. Aspect sealing knife with h2o cycle cooling system.
3. Facet sealing knife undertake greatest of breed substance, substantial temperature heating ametabolic.
4. Side sealing knife with hid fashion heating tube, temperature steady
five. Turnover large facet sealing knife, humanism construction design and style, flip fast, simple to cleaning.
Convey vollect device: 
one. Accumulate table adopt computerized gathering bag feeding (intermission design and continuum design)
two. When the bag attain to a certainty quantity, gather table will transfer instantly, and continuo making.
3. Accumulate desk is pushed by Micro-motor decreasing servo
Control parts:
1. The main manage panel genuine-exhibit touch display with ZheJiang eview screen

2. Main motor undertake 1.5kw reducer(with braket), pushed by the one.5 kw inverter used YASKAWA FROM JAPAN
4. Driver management system of the entire equipment by PLC-panasonic-JAPAN control.
five. Again feeding undertake traction is pushed by inverter from JAPAN-YASKAWA
six. Bag feeding is pushed by 3 kw servo motor from JAPAN-YASKAW
seven. All of pneumatic areas and air cylinders of total equipment all from Shanko-ZheJiang
8.. ALL heating adopot AC contactor
9.. Undertake twin intelligent temperature controller
ten. The bag making of whole machine operate from inner of device
CZPT information:
Design : ZD800 
Bag design: soft loop take care of bag, 
poly draw deal with bag,
patch handle bag 
prime folden die reduce bag,
Orientation: from correct to left
Width dimension of unwinding: 800mm( double ) 
Diameter of unwinding : 600mm(max )
Length dimensions of bag generating: 250-750mm(if want greater size that must get) 
Width dimensions of bag producing : 250-600mm
Top folden: fifty-75mm 
Bottom folden : 30-60mm 
Thickness of movie : HDPE .03-.06mm
LDPE .04-.08mm
Duration dimension of loop take care of tape: 360mm
Thickness of loop take care of tape: .08-.25mm
Width size of attract rope tape : 25mm*2(double layer)
Thickness of draw rope tape: .04-.15mm
Width dimension of patch bag: 150mm
Thickness of patch bag: .eleven-.15mm*2(double levels)
Speed of bag producing: 
gentle loop manage bag sixty pcs/min 
Poly attract deal with bag 70 pcs/min
Patch take care of bag 60 pcs/min
Die lower deal with bag seventy five pcs/min
Total energy: about 13KW 
Doing work noise : about 90db
Outdoors of device : 7800X3200X1850mm
Fat of machine : 3500kg 
Air compressor : 7HP


China Supplier Double Layer Trash Plastic Bag Bottom Sealing Bag Making Machine by Heat Sealing and Cold Cutting in Ghana