Hc Model 20 Ton Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Hc Model 20 Ton Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Hc model 20 Ton CZPT wire rope CZPT

1 Product Description

HC variety electric hoist is characterised in the rectangle look&commalarge hoisting ability and stable operation&periodis stretches ropes in two manners of two individuals or four individuals and is extensively employed in the double girder hoists&periodCrane tools CZPT hoist&commatrolley&commatraveling crane&commaCZPT CZPT&comma CZPT-Girder Crane &commaLD variety electric solitary beam crane&comma QD variety universal bridge crane&commaelectric hoist&comma explosion-proof crane&comma metallurgical cranes and other lifting tools&commagantry crane&commaroad and bridge crane single girder electric suspension crane

HC Type electrical hoist is hoist with a very high working level&period The hoist comes a large variety of sizes&comma depending on the weight they need to carry and how often the hoist will be in use&period This hoist series can be made according to your needs and will help you improve your manufacturing productivity and working conditions&period 
What applications is it used in
Adept to work place with large load and high levels&comma such as support in double girder crane and the gantry&time period
Selling points for this hoist type
HC electrical hoist is a new large-tonnage electric hoist&comma based on type 08 and type 16&comma it can be combined to meet a variety of occasions to use lifting equipment with motor pulley and the transformation ratio&period of time
one&period Reducer with a square structure&comma easy to install and transport
2&period By the base type composition and transformation&comma greatly expanded the use of electric hoist
three&period Working-level range of M3 ~ M6
4&period With a double limit on the limit function
5&period Protective features such as overload&comma over current&comma loss of pressure&comma breaking the same mistake
six&period Weight limit protection

2&period of time Configuration
CZPT wire rope hoist&colon
one- Lifting Mechanism
– Closed winch mixed with motor&comma gears&comma drum&comma hook&comma sheaves&comma shaft&comma coupling&comma rope guidebook and so forth&period
– Lifting speed&colon one or twin as for each requirements
– Overload limiter utilized
– Lifting limiter applied
– LD Driver
– Traveling speed&colon one or twin or phase much less as for each demands
– Unbiased pendent manage
– Wi-fi control as alternative
– Corrosion protection by means of rust removal by mechanical shot blasting SA two&period5
– First layer of coating epoxy thirty microns
– 2nd layer of coating epoxy 30 microns
– Third Layer of coating of polyurethane 40 microns
– Average thickness&colon about one hundred microns
– Coloration&colon yellow or inexperienced as for each needs
five-Risk-free Security
– Unexpected emergency-off swap
– Overload safeguard
– Earth safety
– Zero Position Defense
– Lifting travel security
– Load screen as alternative
Functions Rewards
Hc model twenty Ton CZPT wire rope CZPT

– Compact structure&comma light-weight fat&comma secure and reliable
– Vast employed and interchangeable of factors
– Straightforward servicing&comma effortless operation&comma high overall performance
– Asynchronous Conical rotor motors&comma B or F class insulation&comma IP44&comma IP54 defense
– Rolled rope drum&comma gentle lifeless weight&comma created from superior solid iron&comma higher depth&interval
– CZPT-loaded durable basic safety capture&comma making sure slings not launch safe and dependable
– Overload limiter to guarantee the secure operation
– Reasonable format of manage cupboard&comma effortless to repair
– Restrict switch is of high precision&comma permits the restricting of the hook’s travelling in its greatest placement and its least expensive place&period

three&period of time CZPT Specification

Kind   HC164 HC164 II HC164 HC164 II HC164
Lifting Weight t sixteen 16 20 20 32
CZPTing Height m 12 sixteen 24 32 36 42 forty eight nine twelve 15 eighteen 21 24 27 thirty 33 36 nine 12 eighteen 24 nine 12 fifteen eighteen 21 24 27 thirty 9 twelve sixteen twenty 24
CZPTing Speed m&solmin six&lpar0&period6&sol 6&rpar four&period2&lpar0&period42&sol 4&period2&rpar 3&period3&lpar0&period33&sol 3&period3&rpar 4&period2&lpar0&period42&sol 4&period2&rpar 3&lpar0&period3&sol 3&rpar
Travel Speed m&solmin 18 fourteen 16
Wire Rope Dia mm 26 17&period5 21&period5 21&period5 26
Specification   6 x 37
Track   50a~63c 56a~63c 63c~
Min Curvature Radius m 3 three&period5 4 five six seven eight 3 three&period5 4 five six seven eight 9 ten 11 3 4 five&period5 seven&period6 3 3&period5 4 five six seven 8 9 3&period5 4&period5 five&period8 7&period2 8&period7
Lifting Motor Variety   ZDX62-six&lparZDS1&rpar ZD151-4&lparZDS1&rpar ZD152-four&lparZDS1&rpar ZD152-4&lparZDS1&rpar ZDX62-6&lparZDS1&rpar
Electrical power KW 18&period5&lpar2&period2&sol18&period5&rpar thirteen&lpar1&period5&sol13&rpar 18&period5&lpar2&period2&sol18&period5&rpar 18&period5&lpar2&period2&sol18&period5&rpar 18&period5&lpar2&period2&sol18&period5&rpar
Rotation Speed r&solmin 960 1400 1400 960
Recent A forty three thirty&lpar5&period2&sol30&rpar forty two 42 43
Running Motor Variety   ZDY121-4 ZDY&lparD&rpar121-four ZDY&lparD&rpar1
Energy KW &period8 &period8 one&period5
Rotation Speed r&solmin 1380 1380 1380
Current A 204 two&period4 four&period3
No&period of Connecting time one hundred twenty
Working System   Intermediate FC&equals25&percnt
Power Source   3-phrase AC 380V 50 Hz
Crane Weight &pm10&percnt Work Kg 2100 2200 2400 2550 2650 2800 2900 1530 1602 1673 1745 1816 1887 1959 2030 2100 2173 2450 2620 2800 3250 1838 1927 2571 2169 2240 2320 2444 2527 2885 2950 3270 3495 3700
Flx 1700 1800 2000 2150 2225 2400 2500 1183 1255 1308 1379 1450 1522 1593 1665 1736 1807 1750 1920 2100 2550 1375 1453 1539 1630 1759 1838 1962 2045 2115 2170 2475 2690 2880

four&periodTailor Produced
Building hoist&colon
– Micro pace for precise loading
– Lifting top above 30m
– Anti-sway for specific software

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Hc Model 20 Ton Electric Wire Rope Hoist