LPG Normalized Heat Treatment Furnace for 20kg Cylinder

LPG Normalized Heat Treatment Furnace for 20kg Cylinder

LPG normalized heat treatment method furnace for 20kg cylinder

Parameter and requirements:
1.Continuous warmth remedy furnace: whole length for this machine is twenty meters(furnace is 15 meters, loading & unloading holder is five meters). The furnace is welded by high quality section steel, the furnace is lined with large temperature resistant substantial alumina refractory firebrick, insulation layer is produced of fiber and other thermal insulation resources. All round, the high temperature furnace is light and of very good insulation efficiency.
2.Application: Cylinder normalizing warmth treatment
3.Specification: ISO CZPT, cylinder excess weight:6kg/pc, 12.5kg/laptop,twenty five and 52kgs Diameter of cylinder is from DN200-400mm
4.Functioning efficiency: 200pcs/hour
5.Entrance temperature: 30ºC
6.Cylinder heating temperature: 900ºC±25ºC
7.The max. operating temperature of the furnace human body: ≤1000ºC
8.The temperature rise of furnace physique floor is according to China market standards.
nine.Components of the furnace:
10.Horizontal furnace entire body: one established
eleven.Loading and unloading chain system: one pair
twelve.Mother nature gas control system(report that contains): one set
thirteen.Flue fuel and warmth trade program: 1 established
14.Gas type: mother nature gas 
fifteen.Gasoline calorific benefit: 8500 Kcal / kg
sixteen.The sort of combustion apparatus: higher-speed fuel burner
seventeen.Heating quantity and thermal load distribution: eight pcs gas burner
eighteen.No. of burners in heating area:four pcs burners, 230KW/pcs
19. No. of burners in the entrance of temperature keeping segment : 2 pcs burners, 230KW/pcs
twenty. No. of burners in the back again end of temperature keeping section : 2pcs burners, 150KW/pcs
21.Electricity source: 20KW, 380V, 50Hz 
Burner and handle method:
     1. Substantial pace fuel burner and ratio handle method
Ongoing cylinder heat treatment method furnace requires the equal warmth provide, similarly loading the cylinder, and requirements to offer massive heating load modifications, so we pick ratio burning handle method. The sleeve tube on the burner nozzle will kind a large speed jet steam when burning, can stir up the within environment and equally supply the warmth. The heating of each burner nozzle is ratio management.
In the ratio control program, the burner nozzle will automatically alter the heating according to the temperature in the furnace, the energy, combination ratio, spraying velocity will be modified to a greatest situation, which will efficiently improve the burning capacity and decrease the air pollution. By means of the cooperation of the many burner nozzles, the warmth flow will be uniformly distributed in the furnace, which will enhance the heating good quality of the cylinder and temperature uniform. We also choose controller of large resolution and suitable energy burner nozzle to reach a substantial linearity of the technique. That kind of manage system is broadly used in metallurgy and equipment heat treatment sector.
     2. CZPT gear: Japanese conductive meter, Chit or Delixi low pressure electrical equipment, the cable wire is from inland renowned manufacturer.
     3. Burner: ignition controller, press swap, solenoid valve are from UAS Honeywell11 or German Krom, the hand valve and dish valve are from inland famous brand.

Primary content particulars:
one. The shell is welded by section steel and steel plate(higher high quality steel)
two. Insulation fiber: ZheJiang
3. Large temperature refractory clay: HangCZPT
4. Substantial temperature refractory brick: HangCZPT
five. CZPT Appliances: CHNT or Delixi
six. The gasoline burner: neighborhood manufacturer
7. Thermocouple: HangCZPT
8. CZPT transmission chain: HangCZPT 

Picture of furnace

Raleted machine
Shot blasting machine

Powder coating device

CZPT force


LPG Normalized Heat Treatment Furnace for 20kg Cylinder