Manufacturer Heavy Duty China Crane Truck Outrigger Pad

Manufacturer Heavy Duty China Crane Truck Outrigger Pad

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ZheJiang CZPT Technology Creating Co., Ltd is a extensive organization which concentrate on generation, development and sale of engineering plastics, rubber and multiply non-metallic items considering that 2015
We have set up a excellent popularity and constructed prolonged-expression& steady cooperation partnership with a lot of domestic organizations and steadily step out to cooperate with overseas companies in southeast Asia, the Middle East, North America, South The usa, CZPTpe and other locations.
Our main products: Extremely higher molecular weight polyethylene, MC nylon, PA6, POM, HDPE, PP,PU, Laptop, PVC, Ab muscles, ACRYLIC,PTFE, CZPT, PPS,PVDF.

UHMW-PE Device CZPT sheet

Extremely Higher Molecular Fat Polyethylene(UHMWPE) occupies the intense conclude of the polyethylene efficiency spectrum. With a molecular excess weight ranging from 3 to 9 million g/mol, UHMPEW linear polymer chains are ten times more time than typical High Density Polyethylene(HDPE).

Superb properties for UHMWPE

one.Abrasive resistance which often have in thermoelectricity polymer.
2.Best shock resistance even in lower temperature.
three.Minimal frictional issue, and properly sliding bearing material
four.Lubricity ( no caking, in adhesion)
5.Very best chemical corrosion resistance and stress trend resistance
6.Exceptional equipment procedure capacity
7.Most affordable drinking water absorption(<0.01%)
eight.Paragon electric powered insulativity and antistatic actions
9.Good high strength radioactive resistance
ten.Density is reduced than other thermoplastics (< 1g/cm3)
eleven.Long utilizing temperature assortment: -269°C–90°C

This unique molecular construction offers UHMWPE exceptional qualities like under:

 Uhmwpe house test iterm CZPT index Check outcome
Density .94-1. .958
Drinking water absorbtion charge %(23ºC,24h) ≤0.01 .006
Tensile energy MPa ≥20 53
Tensile elongation break % ≥100 three hundred
Charpy notched affect energy KJ/M2 ≥100 one hundred eighty
Rockwell hardness ≥50 62.four
Distortion temperature ≥80 90
Oxygen index ≥25 27.6
Put on-resisting house ≤1.0×10-4 No obvious change
Vicat softening position ≥125 one hundred thirty five

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Manufacturer Heavy Duty China Crane Truck Outrigger Pad