Palm Oil Mill Steam Boiler

Palm Oil Mill Steam Boiler

Palm oil mill steam boiler

Portion 1:CZPT introduction

1. Boiler potential:1 ton to forty ton

 2.Stem strain:1.0Mpa(10bar),1.25Mpa(13bar), one.6Mpa(16bar), two.5Mpa(25bar)

3.Steam temperature output:184C,194C,204C,225C.

four.Suitale fuel: biomass, wooden pellet,peanut, paddy, rice husk, solid fuel,etc

5.Composition: drinking water tube, large cyclone room

6. Application:foods market, chemical industry, textile industry, garment sector, Pharmaceutical business,dyeing market,beverage market,paper industry,rice mill,and many others.

II.Portion two:Boiler benefits

one. National Scientific and Technological Development Next Prize

two. Singapore New Solution Expo CZPT Lion Award

3. With particular fuel hopper and fuel discharge system.  

4.Three go boiler. The smoke go via three phase, generating the boiler have  higher warmth transfer effectiveness and reduce smoke temperature emissed. 

five.The fireplace is designed with a cyclone reburning chamber, which helps make the boiler vitality preserving, large  combustion performance and environmental pleasant.  

6.Specific air distribution design and style. 

7.The hearth has huge volume and powerful gas adaptability, it can use various biomasses  as the gasoline.The massive dimension furnace can  be well tailored to biomass’s  feature of higher flame.

The measurement of some most common biomass gas:

(1).Biomass/wooden  pellets:≤Φ10×30 mm

(two).Wooden chips:≤100×50×50 mm

(3).Sawdust:≤20×20×10 mm

8.The arch is specifically created accordign to the gasoline. 

nine.Design of  preventing fouling, slagging and corrosion of heating spot. 

ten. It has a double-drum offset fireplace (D-kind layout) with furnace in the right facet of the boiler and two drums in the remaining facet of the boiler,  the framework is extremely compact. 

III. Component 3:Techical datasheet

IV.Component four:Boiler components

V. Component five:Common projects

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Palm Oil Mill Steam Boiler