Used to Poultry Processing Line Chicken Chain Slaughter Line Duck Slaughtering Equipment

Used to Poultry Processing Line Chicken Chain Slaughter Line  Duck Slaughtering Equipment

Employed to poultry processing line/rooster chain slaughter line /duck slaughtering equipment 
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1 Slaughter transfer line Rooster will be processed on this rail, it is major element for the main slaughter plant Production line.
The length of hangers is 8inch.
Stainless metal chain, manual rails, stainless steel hooks, nylon hanger
two CZPT  tunning  machine fiberglass reinforced plastic 
trustworthy and  secure electrical devices
3 Scalding equipment This device is employed to scald the carcass of the hen to take away the feather effortlessly
Thickness of Board: 2mm,Upper Go over Thickness :one.2mm,Supporting Leg Thickness:2mm.
Temperature between 58C°-62C° of the h2o
use blower method and  affect strain system make to generate extremely scalder benefits.
4 A Body Principal Plucker This plucker is devoted unit for chickens ,there are 4 major components: Depilation, regulation section, manual portion, spray element.
Principal component is stainless steel
Condition Size:3350*2350*2350
De-feather Machine is made up of 4 containers .Every line has 12 plates .Total 6 lines with 72plates.
5 Computerized minimize head equipment this equipment use to automobile lower the head on manufacturing line
Principal portion is stainless steel 
six Computerized lower claw equipment this gear use to vehicle cut the toes on manufacturing line
Principal element is stainless metal
this tools use committed correct chuck location experienced substantial top quality toes
seven Unloading claws gadget this tools will be auto  get off the ft from creation line
All human body is stainless steel 
8 Drivng system This device is to operate the whole cling rail
such as: motor , reducer , brackets and other drive components
Electricity:two.2KW  By inverter energy, operate a lot more effortlessly.
9 Frequency converter  
Frequency Controlling Box.
Stainless metal Box
10 Pressure device  To handle the express rail length and restricted
Stainless metal structure
eleven Spiral precooling equipment This unit can replace the precooling line to precooling the chicken carcass
This device utilized to minimal down the temperature of carcass to preserve the carcass very good-searching and keep refreshing in the CZPT process.
The Thickness of the tank manufactured of 3 stainless steel
Spiral Pushing System is melted by 2mm thick stainless metal.
Energy 5.2kw/set
ONE  sets of Enthusiast to make bubbles in the water in the tank efficiently so that increase cooling end result and clean the carcass as well
Consumer Also Want To Prepare cold  Water Or A Piece Of Ice MachineBuyer get ready workspace 


Crate transfer washing
Crate washing conveyor is usd to wash crates in a poultry processing plant.This equipment utilizes substantial force drinking water to flush grime within and outdoors crates,drinking water inside of machine cycles immediately to save drinking water.Litters would be routinely excluded out of from the tools by the filter drum to make sure extended-expression secure and trustworthy utilizing.


Slaughter transfer line 
Slaughter transfer line satisfies automated generation ask for of poultry slaughtering , scalding and plucking . It’s created of management , it strictly fulfills commodity inspection and foods hygiene standards as effectively.


Air blowing scalder
Air blowing scalder is utilized in scalding process ahead of poultry plucking, it is box form construction, energy saving, utilizing direct steam heating, water temperature and stage is automati-cally controlled, air stream agitation, it can not only get perfect scalding overall performance but also satisfy distinct sorts of processing ability need.


A form plucker

The plucker is utilised to pluck the feather right after scalding, it is made to corresponding numbers of operating packing containers and duration to fit varies kinds poultries or processing ability specifications, it will get ideal pluck functionality CZPT beak damage. The newest drinking water evidence and sound reduction design and style for bearing chamber delivers the bearing prolonged period making use of.

The plucker has good function suck as large pluck charge, minimal harm fee, low fault fee, effortless operation and repair, simple and handy adjust, substantial automatization and and so on.


Eviscerated trans fer line
Eviscerated transfer line is utilized in poultry open and eviscerated processing procedure, it truly is madeof stainless metal and nylon, fitted with variable frequency (speed) control, it strictly meets commodity inspection and food hy giene expectations as well


Screw Pre-chiller is employed in pre-chilling process soon after eviscerated. To get best chilled meat, the chiller is adopted in large force air circulation agitation and screw blade drive-ahead technique to guarantee the poultry was cleaned and chilled totally and evenly. The lengthis may differ from corresponding processing ability, can fulfill the commodity inspection and foods cleanliness specifications.

Portioning transfer line
Portioning transfer line is utilised in poultry cutting-up process, it really is produced of stainless steel and nylon, accompanied with variable frequency[speed] handle, it strictly satisfies commodity Portioning transfer line inspection and foodstuff hy giene standards as properly.

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Used to Poultry Processing Line Chicken Chain Slaughter Line  Duck Slaughtering Equipment