Wood Shredder to Crush Wood Waste Durable Chain Feed Conveyor

Wood Shredder to Crush Wood Waste Durable Chain Feed Conveyor

wood shredder to crush wooden waste Durable chain feed conveyor 
1. Attributes

   1) Rotor rotational pace is adjustable based mostly on various customers’ request to achieve distinct output dimension.  
   2) Tough chain feed conveyor is immediately managed by frequency converter. The feeding pace can be modified instantly to steer clear of idle running and preserve power.
   3) The main motor commences with a delicate starter, and the circuit has an overload defense gadget, which immediately cuts off the circuit when overloaded.
   4) The feeding roller automatically adapts to the uncooked material’s dimension by forced feeding with hydraulic technique and make the feeding more effortlessly.
   5) With the hydraulic system, it is straightforward and practical to open up the equipment go over to examine or substitute the blade, display and so forth.
2. Sketch drawing

three. Specification

Product HX1250-500 HX1400-five hundred HX1400-800 HX1600-600 HX1600-800 HX2000-one thousand
Rotor diameter (mm) 800 800 1050 800 1050 1400
Cutter quantity (piece) four  or 24 four  or twenty five 4  or 25 4 or 32 four or 32 6 or forty two
Input size (mm) 1250-500 1400-five hundred   1400-800   1600-600 1600-800 2000-one thousand
Rotor rotation pace (rpm) 650 760 900 760 900 432
Max content diameter (mm) 300 300 four hundred 300 four hundred 500
Creation potential (TPH) twelve-fifteen 15-20 25-thirty 25-thirty 35-forty fifty-70
Principal motor electricity (kw) one hundred sixty    200  250 250 315 400
Feed motor electricity (kw) 11 + seven.5 11 + seven.5 eleven + 7.five 15+seven.five fifteen+eleven fifteen+fifteen+11
Discharge motor electrical power (kw) 4 + five.5 four + 11  5.5  + 11 5.five+7.5 7.five+11 seven.5+11
Oil pump motor electrical power (kw) three 3 four four five.five 5.five
Chain feed conveyor length (m) five six six six 6 8
Discharge conveyor length(m) ten 10 10 ten ten ten
Fat (t) fourteen 16 24 23 25 fifty two
Dimension (m) eight.5 x two.8 x 2.4 seven.3 x three x two.six 9.9 x three x 3.3 9.9x3x3.1 10.1×3.1×3.three 11×3.5×3.9

4. Chain feeding conveyor

Substance is large Mn steel, a lot more resilient

five. Blade Rotor

six. Blade
7. Check of Rotor

All rotor will go through strict Dynamic stability take a look at to guarantee managing steadiness after complete manufacturing and assembling.
eight. Monitor

9. Delicate starter to defend the principal motor

ten. Frequency manage of feeding speed

eleven. Distant handle

12. Output dimensions


Wood Shredder to Crush Wood Waste Durable Chain Feed Conveyor