Zm11j Glass Variable Miter Machine Hot Sales

Zm11j Glass Variable Miter Machine Hot Sales

11 Spindles ZM11J Edging & Variable Mitering Device For Glass


CZPT Requirements (ZM11J)
Spindles eleven pcs
Processing glass thickness 3-25mm
Miter angle 0°~60°
Min.dimensions of glass 80mm*80mm
Processing pace 1.twenty~6. m/mins
Put in power  23.3 KW
Dimension 7920×1400×2500mm
Bodyweight 4160 kg

Wheels disposal:


Wheels disposal:
No.1 Diamond wheel
No.two Diamond wheel
NO.3 Resin wheel
No.4 Good grinding wheel
No.five Polishing wheel
No.six Resin wheel  (entrance arris) Fantastic grinding wheel
NO.8 Resin wheel (Rear arris)
No.nine Polishing wheel
NO.10 Resin wheel
NO.11 Sharpening wheel

CZPT description
one,ZM11J is capable to grind and polish the miter angle on glass, with base edge sharpening and rear seaming all at the very same time.
2,Glass thicknesses is adjusted by a inverter and showed on a digital display/ montior.
three,Input and output conveyor undertake timing belt which can enhance the   transmission precision.
four,The processed glass floor is quite bright and clean, approaching the unique glass surface.
5,The mitering angle is from to sixty degree.
6,Tough grinding, locate grinding and polishing of the pencil edge can be complete at one particular time.


one.beams and motor carriages is employed by increase substantial-top quality castings, strong and steady human body.

2.Foundation, uprights employed by large-high quality castings, powerful and stable physique.
three.Senior specific vitality-saving motors Canoon manufacturer, advanced turbine gearbox 
4.Schneider model electric appliance.
five.two.2KW massive range speed governor, JIALI worm gear box, transmission much more tough.
6.Chain transfer, strong square tube body can load large obligation glass to method.
seven.The diamond wheel and resin wheel adopts with Chinese model the base and arris sprucing wheel with import 10S40,the polishing effect is related to mirror area
8.This equipment can accord customer’s requirement to style.


Zm11j Glass Variable Miter Machine Hot Sales